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Canopy House

The Canopy House, Jan Juc (in-progress)

Alterations & additions to an existing 2-storey 1970’s coastal home; improving the function and flow, with additional space provided for this permanent residence. A new modern contemporary work respectful to the character of the original home. A temple for relaxing by the beach.

The main entrance and stairs have been relocated to the West side of the building. A new Carport allows for 2 car spaces in a convenient and logical location, concealed deeply within a deck overhang. A Bathroom and Laundry are provided downstairs, with the connection to the pool area to the rear of the property much improved via a new Rumpus. At Level 1 a new enlarged open plan Kitchen, Dining and Living space is proposed. The Master Bedroom itself remains relatively untouched, with a new robe, Ensuite and Study provided. The new level 1 central deck reconnects the owners to the rear North facing outdoor entertaining area and existing pool at ground level. Sunlight is also brought back into a currently dark ground floor.


The structure of the deck over the front garden is light in appearance, with the joists to correlate with the rafters above. The external materials selected are in-keeping with the typology of the residence, and include compressed fibre cement sheet cladding, with timber batten to conceal the joins, and horizonal shiplap timber boards. The form is not symmetrical, although is balanced via composition. The eaves reach out to provide a canopy over the North façade.


Energy Efficiency: The design incorporates solar passive design principles. The North Elevation is to be opened up to gain Winter sun, with eaves, overhang of level 1 and timber battens to the pergola shading the glazing from Summer solar gain. East light is now brought into all bedrooms. Openable windows and sliding doors will allow for ample cross ventilation options. The double glazing is to be within insulative timber frames (Energytech Grey glass).