Canopy House

The Canopy House, Jan Juc (in-progress)

Alterations & additions to an existing 2-storey, 1970’s coastal residence, providing additional space and improving the function, layout and flow of the house, making a better connect between the residents and their outdoor entertaining areas and as well as sunlight into a currently dark ground floor.

The design incorporates solar passive design principles. The alterations and additions will be new modern contemporary work, although respectful to the character of the original home. The materials selected are in-keeping with the typology of the residence and will sit well within the coastal setting.


Energy Efficiency: North elevation to be opened up to gain Winter sun, with eaves and timber pergolas shading the windows from summer solar gain. Improved East sunlight into the bedroom areas, with the overhang of level 1 protecting the North light from entering the downstairs Rumpus. There are plenty of openable windows and sliding doors to allow for cross ventilation. The glazing is to be within Timber frames, double glazed and with Energytech Grey glass.