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The Court House

The Court House, Aireys Inlet (2017)


2017 ATDA Recycled Timber Winner: Court House

"The expression of recycled timber as the core structural element. It provides for the ‘framing’ of all the spaces and places within this dwelling. The recycled timber elements define a clear rhythm that delineates all the other material elements. Its rigour to provide for the structure, to define space and to amalgamate with a range of other materials is evident"


Archello: Peter Winkler Architects - Court House

"The original brief called for a modest timber dwelling with a protected outdoor area away from the strong Southerly breezes and a bridge to enhance the sense of entry. This idea of entry became a prompt for our conceptual framework and through a series of hand drawn sketches the strongest recurring theme was the idea of a central courtyard as an orienting device as well as an arrival point."


Architecture Lab: Court House

"The sustainability features:
The adaptability of the building envelope extends its climate responsiveness. The courtyard and placement of windows and doors helps to control and manipulate the prevailing winds, sea breezes and temperature. When the gates are open cool sea breezes can flow through the courtyard flushing the hot air out of the wings. When the gates are closed the wood fire can be used, allowing the space to respond to year-round conditions. The second-storey has been designed to overshadow the courtyard space in summer and the series of fixed core-ten louvres on the north and west elevation block the summer sun but allow for the low angle of winter sun to enter. The conjunction of appropriate solar passive design and thermal mass of the concrete slab provide warmth in the autumn, winter and cooler spring days."

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