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The practice adopts premier sustainable building principles. These include at the most basic level carefully orienting each habitable space and utility zone. The provision of eaves, overhangs, louvres and sun-hoods proportionate to the height of North facing glazing allows Winter light to penetrate deep into habitable spaces, while the strong Summer sun is excluded for solar passive design. Screens are also employed to filter the natural light levels and control the rising and setting sun, as required. Thermal mass is employed via masonry, rammed earth, concrete and stone walls, and within slab on ground construction. Environmentally conscious services are incorporated including the provision of water tanks, solar hot water and photovoltaic systems. Openable windows and shutters are carefully positioned to encourage cross flow ventilation to passively cool our buildings. On the coast this often works exceptionally well as the cool sea breezes flush out the warm air of Summer. We often incorporate reclaimed and recycled products into each project and consider waste, carefully proportioning spaces to minimise offcuts in building materials where possible. We will often build over the most disturbed area of the site, and avoid the removal of native trees and indigenous vegetation where possible.

A background in Environmental Engineering allows our firm to better understand and integrate renewable energy systems, and water treatment and recycling to achieve environmentally sound outcomes. The result of this methodology is an exciting and comprehensive design solution that is aesthetically captivating.

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