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fIFth House

The Fifth House, Anglesea (05/2012 - 11/2013)

The alterations and additions to the Fifth house provide plenty of natural light into the deep floor plan, enhance views of the treed site and oceanic panorama, create movement of air and allow ease of transition for the occupants and their guests through functionally improved spaces.  To the rear a walkway at ground level slowly lifts you into the tree canopy to connect the vehicular and pedestrian access at the top end of the site to the upper living spaces.  More than just a transitional link this is an experience as you stroll toward the North facing Entry to have the spectacular view reveal itself through glazed splashback and sliding door.


The decked walkway does not merely end although morphs into a north facing social space that connects to the Kitchen.  Moving through the internal entry, the social hub of the house is presented.  The stairwell divides the living spaces from the Master Bedroom wing and is filled with light via an expansive north window which embraces the vertical nature of the site and multiple building levels and provides a view through to the ocean beyond.  At the central level a Rumpus space sits half way between the tree canopy and sky with Bedrooms and Bathrooms surrounding at each side.  A Laundry with access to an external Deck have also been provided.  The lower level features a Study space, Cellar, Bathroom, concealed external Storage and water tanks.  Through thoughtful building massing and fenestration placement, the site is encapsulated and reflected inwards, outwards, upwards and downwards.

The ground floor level is clad in compressed fibre cement sheet and steps inwards grounding this level and allowing it to recede from the cantilevering upper levels clad in timber of varying profiles which connect with the bark of the trees which surround the residence.  Judicial use of copper ensure the flashings meld into the timber form.  At the upper level rear deck the timber screen pergola provides external sun protection and privacy from an overlooking adjoining owner, while filtering light entering the Kitchen and Entry.

A clerestory north facing window over the Dining and Living space allows solar passive light to penetrate deep into the internal space of the upper level.  Large windows to the south capture views and horizontal and vertical slot windows allow snapshots of the site while allowing the building to breathe via openable windows providing natural cross ventilation.  A solar array has also been provided to reduce the energy demand of the dwelling on the mains grid.