Winkler House

Winkler House, Torquay (in-progress)

The residence is essentially an extruded timber box nestled amongst the trees clad in horizontal shiplap ‘Silvertop Ash’ divided into 1200mm bays with expressed vertical recycled timber structure to create a sense of rhythm.  Full height tinted charcoal glass windows with concealed timber window frames provide relief to the façade and will reflect the natural bush setting of the site.  Roof flashings will be Copper.

The form of the building is simple with material selection enhancing the various elements within the overall building composition, connecting it to the simple landscape of the site.


The trees are quite tall and the single-level building sits well below the edge of the canopy of the existing trees which we do not intend to touch in any way.  Our overall response in keeping the home to a single level is to maintain the visual dominance of the tree canopy while the dwelling recedes into the site.  The existing trees to be retained will offer the residence much privacy and shade as the sunlight is filtered through the leaves and branches.