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The Point

The Point House, Wye River (01/2012 - 02/2013)

The residence was designed in consideration of the existing contours of the site, including a benched out driveway and clearing on the site.  We felt that this would prove to be the most appropriate setting for the building to enable minimum disturbance of the natural contour.  As the contours angle across the site so to does the secondary wing of the dwelling.  A simple form and exposed trusses internally create a warm and cozy building for the occupants.  The use of highlight and low level glazing enhance the buildings connection to the landscape.


Energy Efficiency: The main section of the building has been positioned to take full advantage of east and north sunlight with large eaves to protect from solar heat gain during summer, although let the winter sun in.  A central deck has been provided at level 1 to take advantage of the morning sun and allow light to fill the master bedroom and living wings of the home.  Glazing has been positioned to take advantage of the ocean views without adding to the solar heat gain.  Double glazing and low-e will be provided throughout.  Materials with low embodied energy such as bamboo have also been specified.  Excellent cross ventilation is provided via the small footprint of the building and substantial openable windows, which will reduce the need for air conditioning in summer.