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A Frame

The A Frame House, Anglesea (08/2007 - 04/2009)

Architectural redesign for Alterations and Additions to a three-storey ‘A-frame’ residential dwelling built in 1984.  We created an additional open floor plan living to the southern end of level 1 by building a new vertical external wall. We also propose to install a carport that projects off the same southern wall.

The design is to be sympathetic to the southern adjoining owner’s property.  By tapering the form of the roof of the carport and creating an opening within the cladding we have allowed maximum northern light to enter their property. The location is also aside the solid brick wall of their dwelling which has no impact to their amenity. Cladding the new structure in materials to match the existing dwelling including timber weatherboard and colourbond roof cladding. The colours chosen are to match the existing dwelling making a compassionate connection between the existing dwelling and the modern contemporary addition.