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Angle Sea House

The Angle Sea House, Anglesea (04/2019 - 09/2020)

We were approched to design Alterations & Additions to an existing 2-storey 1960’s coastal residence, to provide additional space and improve the function, layout and flow of the house. The design incorporates solar passive design principles.   Alterations and Additions are new modern contemporary work, although respectful to the character of the original home.

Cover Building

Energy Efficiency: The proposal allows for East and West Winter sunlight to enter into the Living spaces. As the site is heavily treed at the front of the property the glazing to the stair will provide filtered afternoon light. Heat in Summer months is moderated via an internal sliding door to the Stair void. The East facing windows allow for morning light. Ample openable windows have been provided that will take advantage of cross ventilation to cool the building in Summer. Double glazing and low e glass will be installed throughout to all new windows.