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Light Connection

The Light Connection House, North Carlton (4/2010 - 6/2012)

The owners and their young family had outgrown the existing house and required substantial additional floor space to be added to the Victorian Terrace dwelling.  The concept was to create a larger modern contemporary addition that drew from the existing conditions.

A garden court was positioned in the centre of the home to allow light to feed into the adjacent rooms through both the upper and lower levels.  We have also subtly separated the ceiling and upper level from the north party wall to allow light to stream in from a thin skylight at roof level and also provided a south facing skylight through the Living.

Light Connection Section C

The use of the existing ‘Royal Blue’ glass was expanded upon in the new design in several clerestory windows and within an East facing window aside the 2 storey void open to the Master Bedroom and living spaces below.  Throughout the day blue light washes the internal walls of the home, a unique and dynamic feature of this house.  The existing exposed internal burnt red brown masonry walls were demolished at the rear and reinstated in the new central courtyard walls and paved rear Terrace, a subtle nod to the building that previously stood.

Light Connection Section A