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Boomerang House

The Boomerang House, Eastern View (in-progress)

This dwelling will pay tribute to the Australian beach house on stilts, with the upper level living spaces opening out to the fantastic views available from the site, and lower level nestling into the hillside. The home was positioned over the existing gravel driveway at the site which enables vehicles to arrive from the side street.  Parking is provided in a carport over the driveway, connecting to the main road below the site in a half loop.

The external materials of coreten steel sheeting and concrete blockwork are non-combustible, subdued in colour and chosen for their ability to weather and patina over time and sit in harmony with its coastal bush setting. We have invited the outdoors into the dwelling via the use of full height double glazed doors and windows, set within the native tree canopy.



Site Analysis: There is the potential for views of the beach, breaking waves and lighthouse to the East and also hill beyond to the North East. Cool Winter winds blow from the South and South West, although the land rises in this direction providing some protection in conjunction with the native trees of the site. Houses to the North, West and South can be seen through the foliage, although they are at a distance and are easily screened by existing and future planting.

Energy Efficiency: The dwelling is orientated with the main open Living zone facing to the north with overhanging eaves to protect from the summer sun. The Dining and Master Bedroom wing are oriented for the morning sun. The lower level is nestled into the site, keeping it warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Ample operable windows have been provided to enable cross ventilation to cool the building in Summer. Double glazed low e glass will be installed throughout.