Fan House

The Fan House, Aireys Inlet (in-progress)

The dwelling is to be positioned central on the site to allow for future vegetation to be grown and surround the dwelling. The external materials include non-combustible limestone blockwork, naturally fire-resistant timber  and glass. The palette is subdued in colour will sit in harmony within the coastal bush setting. To provide privacy to the street the façade is covered by a timber screen which will also help prevent solar heat gain North Elevation. We have invited the outdoors into the dwelling via the use of full height double glazed doors and windows, set within the native tree canopy. The views are orientated over the natural gully below and to the ocean and lighthouse in the distance.

fan house

Energy Efficiency: The Ground floor, Level 1 and the roof are timber framed allowing suitable thermal insulation to be provided. Ample openable windows will enable cross ventilation to cool the building in Summer. Double glazed low e glass will be installed to all windows. To provide privacy to the street the façade is covered by a timber batten screen which will also help with shading for solar heat gain across the North Elevation. A solar array is proposed on the roof, with 2 water tanks also provided. The design is compact and efficient in its spatial planning.