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Beach Road House

Beach Road House, Torquey (06/2017 - 07/2018)

The design has a combination of light and heavier elements to create a modern contemporary composition within a varied streetscape.  The buildings have a floating appearance and are of high architectural standard.

Energy Efficiency: The 3 units were designed in conjunction with each other to avoid overshadowing of adjoining owners.  Morning and afternoon decks are provided at level 2.  Windows have been positioned under eaves and with shade screening for passive solar design.  The glazing is also to take advantage of potential views and avoid the use of artificail lighting in daylight hours.  Timber screens along with substantially large eaves are incorporated into the design on the western edge of this unit, preventing the intrusion of invasive western light and heating during summer evenings.  Double glazed skylights are to be installed over the staircase.  Good cross ventilation is achieved via openable doors & windows in habitable rooms and at either end of living spaces.