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Blade House

The Blade House, Richmond (08/2007 - Designed)

This proposed design took concrete blades, pathways, and ponds to create a strong axis from the street front to the rear of the site, informing direction of travel, and promoting discovery within and around the building.

At the second level, there were two main volumes to the building set in counterpoint to one another.  A larger long rectangular form had bedrooms and bathroom facilities and cantilevers off the rear.  The smaller overhanging study at the front had been set back from the front of the main volume and was slightly lower and recessive thus reducing the building's visual prominence.


We saw the cladding materials fitting into quite a varied streetscape, with the greens/browns of the trees both contrasting and complimenting the design.  The concrete blade walls also made reference to the industrial nature of appleton street and the factory’s that line the north side of the street.