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Trade Winds

The Trade Winds House, (03/2018 - Designed)

The design paid tribute to the iconic Australian beach home through the use of fibre cement sheet cladding and corrugated metal roofing. We invited the outdoors in through the use of full height double glazed windows and a central connecting deck overlooking a densely treed gully.

The design of the exposed steel frame mimiced the vertical lines of the native eucalypts that covered the site. The subdued colour palette of the external finishes helped the dwelling to sit in harmony within its coastal bush setting.


Energy Efficiency: The proposal allowed the Winter morning sun to enter through highlight windows to the East. The West facing glazing was shaded by the many canopy trees to the site. Large eaves had been provided for suitable sun protection throughout. Ample openable windows had been provided that will take advantage of cross ventilation to cool the building in Summer. Double glazing and low e glass were to be installed to all new windows. The building had a small and efficient footprint.