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Cliff House

The Cliff House, Gerroa, NSW (11/2013 - Designed)

Design for a nesidential dwelling and swimming pool that would be on a sloping grassed site.  The two storey form of the home had been proposed to ensure we captured the coastal views while minimising the Building Site coverage and Hard Surface Area for the house.  The roof of the main living zone emulates the natural topography intended to form a relationship with the site.  The garden was to be substantially planted with indigenous vegetation and the grassed foreshore maintained.

The external materials include blockwork with a colour and texture to emulate the rock platform found below the site.  Naturally fire resistant recycled hardwood cladding had been selected for the upper level and feature panels, symbolic of driftwood laying on the rocks below.  Window frames were Grey Ironbark. The dwellings material palette had been selected to tie in with the coastal seascape.



Energy Efficiency: The floor plan had been stretched out along the East/West axis to provide solar passive heating to the home, while excluding the hot Summer sun via appropriately sized eaves and deck overhangs.  The pool had been positioned to the North of the home with the house wrapping around this area to create privacy for residents and protect this zone from the predominant cool breezes from the South East.  Cross ventilation would have been provided via numerous openable windows and doors, which would allow the sea breeze to cool the home.