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Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek House, Lorne (04/2012 - Designed)

This form of this building was well articulated with material selection and placement, enhancing the various elements within the overall building composition. The colours chosen were to be earthy, yet sleek to enhance the connection between the dwelling and the native garden.


We had centrally positioned the dwelling to provide an ample vegetation buffer between the adjoining properties.  The dwelling also considered the existing external court space of the surrounding builds and seeks to allow a significant landscaped zone to enhance their amenity.  The dwelling sat as low as possible and was cut into the landscape to preserve the views of number 10 over and past the proposed building.

The external materials included in-situ concrete and vertical timber profile cladding and Window Frames. Timber batten screens with penetrative stain sealer provide Sun protection on the West facade.  The dwellings material palette had been inspired by the rock pools at the beach directly below the proposed residence and surrounding bushland behind the property.