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House on the Boulevard

House on the Boulevard, (03/2018 - Designed)

This design was for a new residential dwelling and swimming pool on a vacant, moderately sloping site.  In response to the program required for this family home, we have proposed an ‘L’ shaped dwelling to provide protection from the prevailing cold South and South-West winds. This also allows us to take advantage of the solar aspect via North and East facing wings; taking in the ocean views. The simple roof form lifts toward the East to allow morning Sun to penetrate deep into the house, enabling the occupants to see more of the sky and provides a sense of openness. Hit and miss brickwork and perforated black aluminium have been used as screening devices.


The external materials include grey toned brickwork or varying shades, black Colorbond steel roof, painted galvanized steel deck and roof edging, black anodised aluminium window & door frames and Colorbond ‘Monument’ roofing, flashings and downpipes.

Material selection and placement enhances the various structural elements within the overall building composition. The colours chosen are earthy, yet sleek and will be enhancing the connection between the dwelling and the native vegetation of the site and broader coastal environs.